Paint & Decorating

Get everything you need to paint or decorate your home or office. Our extensive range of paint and decorating supplies will take your paint project from dream to reality.

The type of paint you choose can make or break your painting project. Don’t leave it up to chance! Browse our comprehensive range of paint options to find the perfect paint for your walls. We also sell painting accessories and decorating supplies.

Paint advice

Keen to start a painting project but not sure where to start? Pop into your nearest Sunlite Mitre 10 and talk to one of our paint experts. They have paint advice for projects of all sizes, from painting the baby’s room to repainting the whole house. They can also provide advice about colour matching and paint mixing.

Key Brands



Whether it’s gutters, feature walls, bedrooms or doors, Dulux has quality paint to give you confidence in bringing your next project to life. With a full range of Dulux products, specially trained team, sample pots, Dulux colour books and inspiration in-store, there will be nothing stopping you.


Murobond is a specialist range stocked in our Paddington store which is locally and internationally renowned for its unique ranges of superior quality water-based paints. The company is unmatched in its ability to create beautiful interior and exterior paints that offer wonderfully rich, individual finishes and textures. Whether you have a heritage property, or are looking for a special finish, Murobond can help. Come and chat to our team about how Murobond paint can bring out the best in your walls.

White Knight

White Knight is a leading force in the specialty paint market, offering solutions to a number of complicated issues which can be stumbled upon when maintaining your home. Products from White Knight span across metal finishing, high temp, paving, kitchen & bathrooms, safety, and specialist decorative finishes.

Our leading paint & decorating brands


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