Amgrow products

Amgrow Home Garden is one of the country’s largest and most trusted names in garden products. They offer a wide range of effective, practical solutions that allow the home gardener to create healthy, beautiful, vibrant outdoor spaces.

Here at Sunlite Mitre 10, we proudly stock a wide range of Amgrow products for all of the local gardening enthusiasts. Drop into your local store and chat with our friendly staff to learn more.

Amgrow products for every gardening concern

Have a gardening issue that you need to address? Chances are, there is an Amgrow product to help.

Amgrow offers gardening solutions for the everyday gardener than can remedy issues relating to weeds, nasty pests, diseases, and general plant health. If you’re not sure what you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to help.

Keep your garden happy and healthy

Creating and maintaining a happy, healthy, thriving garden is no easy task. Trusted gardening brands like Amgrow offer innovative products designed to keep plants looking their best while keeping harmful creepy crawlies away.

Here are some of the product ranges Amgrow provides:

  • Garden fertiliser to keep plants well-nourished
  • Garden pest control to keep destructive insects away
  • Home pest control
  • Manure to boost the nutrient content of your soil
  • Organic gardening products
  • Plant disease control
  • Nutrient-rich soil for plants of all types and ages
  • Water-saving products for the environmentally-conscious gardener
  • Weed control

Explore our range of Amgrow products today

Want to learn more about the collection of Amgrow products offered by the team at Sunlite Mitre 10? No worries. Visit us in-store today and chat with our friendly staff. Or, visit our contact page, give us a call, or shoot us a quick email.