Pope irrigation, sprinklers, and garden products

For almost a century, Australians have trusted Pope products to care for and maintain their gardens. With humble beginnings in a backyard in Adelaide, the brand is now one of the most trusted names in irrigation and garden care here in Australia and across New Zealand.

Pope garden products built to perform

Keeping your garden hydrated is essential. And, with the growing need for conscious water conservation, outdoor products need to both perform effectively and deliver environmentally-friendly features that help homeowners safeguard this precious resource.

Pope irrigation, sprinklers, and other watering solutions are reliable, hard-wearing, and built to perform. What’s more, they are created with the modern-day gardener in mind, offering innovative water-saving features that conserve water without sabotaging your garden’s health.

Pope’s diverse product range

Pope are home-garden experts. Their team knows the unique demands of the harsh Aussie climate, and have created durable, practical, innovative garden care products that deliver years of use.

Their product range includes the following:

  • Pope irrigation products
  • Hoses
  • Reels, carts, and hangers
  • Hose end fittings
  • Pope sprinklers
  • Tap timers
  • And other garden maintenance products

Your satisfaction is Pope’s top priority

The Pope team believes that their success is measured by the satisfaction of their customers – and, of course, by the preservation, care, and maintenance of stunning gardens across the nation.

Dedicated to quality, the Pope garden care range truly is one of the best available.

Give your garden the TLC it deserves

Here at Sunlite Mitre 10, you’ll find a wide range of Pope irrigation, sprinkler, and gardening products. Drop into your local store today and chat with a friendly staff member. Or visit our contact page with any questions or concerns.