Hand Trolleys

Our Hardware store’s in Sydney have a comprehensive range of trolleys and handtrucks to suit a wide range of purposes. It’s very important to protect yourself or your workers from injuries caused by heavy lifting. Trolleys & hand trucks enables easy transportation of goods around your home, office or workplace, allowing you to move goods around quickly and efficiently and without injury. Our Sydney store’s carry a fantastic range to choose from.

General Purpose Trolley / Hand Truck

A general purpose trolley is ideal and suitable many domestic applications, specifically suitable for cartons and boxes, cardboard cartons, flat packages, papers and magazines. Generally you can carry approximately 180kg, and they are ergonomically designed for better comfort and control. Our Sydney stores have a great range to choose from. 

Heavy Duty Trolleys / Hand Trucks

Heavy duty trolleys are suitable for a huge variety of applications, and can usually carry up to 220kg because of their robust construction for extra strength and are fully powder coated. They are ideal to carry your goods around Sydney, specifically things like washing machines, bar refrigerators, medium sized furniture and dishwashers. 

Flat Bed Trolleys

Flatbed Trolleys  are an excellent form of transport for use in warehousing and distribution environments, for moving bulk loads. They are usually available in different sizes and can carry up to 300kg safely. They are a very simple design that offer a basic flat platform with four castors and a fixed handle which is used to either push or pull the platform with the load on the platform. Our team in Sydney can advise you on the best trolley to suit your need.

Stair Climbing Trolley / Hand Truck

Our Sydney hardware store’s carry stair climbing trolleys / handtrucks that are used to carry heavy items up and down stairs. They are usually around 220kg weight capacity and are designed for commercial usage. They are excellent for carrying items like furniture and electrical appliances like fridges. It’s always important to remember the best techniques for bending as you do not want an injury.