Fiskars is Finland’s oldest and longest-running company – and has been in business for over 370 years. Today, they offer some of the finest quality home, gardening, and hardware products on the market – including their world-famous scissors.

Here at Sunlite Mitre 10, we are happy to stock an extensive range of Fiskars products. Visit our store and explore all this fantastic, world-renounced brand has to offer.

The beloved Fiskars scissors

Who knew a pair of scissors could develop such a dedicated, far-reaching following?

Fiskars scissors are a design icon. Originally hitting the shelves way back in 1967, the brand revolutionised the way the world viewed the humble scissor. Exceptionally light and instantly recognisable by the bright orange handles, this innovative design offered total comfort and easy handling, resulting in an unprecedented leap in cutting performance.

Now, more than one billion pairs of Fiskars scissors have been sold across the globe, ideal for everyday tasks including cooking, sewing, and crafting. Fiskars scissors are truly one of the most vital and versatile household tools.

Fiskars gardening and hardware products

Fiskars may be known for their scissors, but the brand’s commitment to design, quality, and integrity informs their gardening and hardware products, too.

Whether you are pulling out weeds, trimming your hedge, or sweeping your driveway, Fiskars has a hard-wearing, ergonomic product designed to make the job easier and more enjoyable.

Fiskars brings together the best of design with absolute functionality in each and every product they create.

Discover the beauty of Fiskars products at Sunlite Mitre 10

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