Sabco is a leading Australian-based company that produces cleaning products and metal & plastic homewares. Sabco products have more than a century of experience behind them. The company was originally founded in 1892 as a brush company. Today, the company has grown to include a broad range of cleaning products.

Advantages of a Sabco Mop

Sabco professional quality products are just as effective in the office as they are in the home. One area where Sabco stands out is with their microfibre products. There’s a Sabco mop for every use imaginable!

All microfibre mops offer several advantages over traditional wet mops. They are lighter and cause less back strain on the user. The nature of the material allows you to pick up dirt without using harsh chemicals. They use far less water and can be laundered and re-used hundreds of times. It traps dirt and debris that stays in the mop until it is washed.

The advantages of a Sabco microfibre mop depend on the style you choose and how it’s used. The Sabco flat mop is a household favourite. It works with less water, making it a good choice for use on timber and hardwood floors.

A Sabco spray mop eliminates the need for a bucket of water when you want to clean in a hurry. The Sabco Super Swish uses washable pads so it’s always ready to clean. You can fill the easy to remove bottle with water, cleaning products, or even Eucalyptus oil to customise your cleaning job. It works on all types of flooring materials including tile, floorboards. polished concrete, linoleum, and vinyl.

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