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Looking for a top-quality nail gun that you can rely on for your upcoming commercial, industrial, or DIY project? Paslode offers some of the most durable and effective impulse tools, high-powered air nailers and accessories on the market.

If you’re looking for the professional’s choice for all general Framing and Finishing applications, Paslode is your go-to stop for reliability, comfort and performance.

Here at Sunlite Mitre 10, we proudly stock an extensive collection of Paslode products so you can get your hands on the tool you need to complete your job to perfection. Explore our range of Paslode products today.

Paslode nail guns and more

Paslode have been delivering the goods for over 80 years, starting with the first stapling hammer, pneumatic nailer and then later, the famous nail gun. Today, their extensive product range falls into four distinct categories:

  • Impulse tools – their collection of impulse tools is designed to optimise job site productivity and minimise fuss with compressors and hoses.
  • High-powered nail guns – Paslode nail guns are suitable for all industrial and construction applications and come with a full range of fasteners.
  • Fasteners – With a range of fasteners to cover all construction applications, Paslode makes it quick and easy to find and secure the correct nail, staple or brad for your project.
  • Accessories – Other solutions offered by Paslode include a comprehensive range of impulse and pneumatic accessories. These boost the performance and extend the lifespan of your tools.

Some of their most popular products include:

The Impulse FrameMaster-LI™ PowerVent

Using cutting-edge PowerVent Technology with 15% more power, this cordless framing nailer is unlike any other. The ergonomic design with non-slip hand grip helps to improve comfort and safety, while the tool-free depth of drive adjustment provides greater flexibility for nail placement.

The Impulse FrameMaster-LI is completely self-contained, and carries its own fuel, battery and fastener supply.

Pneumatic F350S

Paslode’s famous nail guns deliver high-performance and quality in one powerful and compact tool. Perfect for general framing, the F350S is capable of driving nails up to 90mm in length into framing timber.

The slim line tool body yields superior comfort and flexibility, while the nail lock out bar protects timber and eliminates blank tool rings.

Paslode Nails

Paslode manufactures their nails from only the highest quality steel. Regardless of timber density, you can bank on Paslode nails to drive straight and true.

The Paslode product design guarantees ultra high withdrawal resistance, while the superior collation ensures the nails are aligned and firing at speed.

Impulse Cleaning Products

Paslode Impulse Cleaning Products can be used with any genuine Paslode Impulse tool. The superior chemical performance helps to remove grease, oil, dirt, carbon, acid and wax deposits.

With a unique quick drying formula, your tools will have the perfect clean finish completely residue free.


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