As a subsidiary of Arlec Australia Pty Ltd, Arlec Electrical has been serving the world with situation-appropriate lighting solutions since 1947. With a dynamic and evolving inventory of hundreds of high-quality, consumer-based products and sales of millions of units per year. Arlec has a presence in almost every Australian home and workplace.

From the latest energy-efficient LED sensor lights to switches made from the world’s most environmentally friendly plastics, Arlec benchmark all their products against criteria of innovation, energy efficiency, recyclability and code-compliant fabrication. 

With these protocols in mind, Arlec ensures all the manufacturing partners’ systems and techniques conform to world’s best practice and all relevant Australian Standards and codes, safety standards, and electromagnetic emissions standards. 

Whether you need to brighten up your front room or you’re trying to do some rewiring on the jobsite, there’s an Arlec product at Sunlite Mitre 10 for you.

Arlec Categories

  • Cooling
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Door Chimes
  • Heating
  • Extension Leads
  • Lighting
  • Power Boards
  • Security 
  • Torches & Batteries
  • Timers 
  • Workshop
  • Communications
  • Trade Products

Finding the right Arlec lights for you

No matter what your lighting aims are, Arlec Electrical is here to make them possible. Each of the Arlec lights at Sunlite Mitre 10 is designed to make your life more convenient. Whether you’re looking for lighting needs for entertainment, high voltage lights, exterior lighting, interior lighting, LED, movement activated lighting and under cabinet lighting, Arlec has you covered.

Why choose Arlec electrical for your lighting needs?

Thanks to their future-focused approach, the team at Arlec is adept at meeting your everyday lighting requirements. Their constantly evolving inventory of products continues to delight our customers, especially as they remain so cost-friendly. In addition to emergency lighting solutions, you can choose Arlec lights that are modern and stylish for your next interior design project. Each item is long-lasting and designed to remain in excellent condition for years in a normal family home.

To learn more about Arlec electrical or to find the right product, find your nearest Sunlite Mitre 10 store and ask a member of our team for advice.