After starting out in 1936, Supercraft has become one of the largest tool suppliers in Australia. 

The brand’s comprehensive range of high-quality hand tools is ideal for DIY and trade projects. With each product featuring a lifetime guarantee, you can remain assured that they’re robust and dependable.

At Sunlite Mitre 10, we supply Supercraft tools in all shapes and sizes. Whether your project is large or small, we’re sure you’ll love the agility and manoeuvrability that comes with using this brand.

Supercraft can help with your latest project

Whether you’re fastening and fixing or striking and removing, there’s a Supercraft product in our range that’s right for you. Supercraft tools are here to help you achieve every stage of your project. This includes a selection of sledge hammers that are easy to grip and swing, as well as pliers for removing old fixtures and fittings.

If precision is a priority for building projects, try the measuring tools available from the Supercraft range. Alongside tape measures and levels, you’ll find angle gauges that have a high degree of accuracy. Being able to refine your measurements down to the last millimetre can often make or break a project, which is why we recommend using Supercraft to secure accuracy.

Check out some of Supercraft’s most popular products: 

Supercraft Hammer Club 1.35KG

This particular Supercraft sledgehammer is built for light demolition work, metalwork and striking and driving hardened nails. The high grade steel head and fibreglass handle adds extra strength and durability for frequent hitting.

Supercraft Combination Pliers VDE 200MM

You can’t go past the chrome vanadium steel for maximum strength and anti-corrosion of these Supercraft pliers. With the induction hardened cutting edges you’re guaranteed a clean, accurate and consistent cut. This product is insulated for trade electrical work.

Supercraft Tape Measure 5M

This lightweight, plastic tape measure is ideal for all relevant trades and DIY. Other features include a thumb control blade lock and non-slip grip.

Know you’re in good hands with Supercraft

Whether you’re serious about DIY or you’re a tradesperson who believes that only the best will do, you need to know you can depend on the tools at hand. Reassuringly, Supercraft provides a lifetime guarantee on each of its tools. With that in mind, you know that yours aren’t going to fall to pieces anytime soon.

If you want to add Supercraft tools to your collection, drop in to your nearest Sunlite Mitre 10. Can’t seem to find a particular Supercraft product? Give us a call, our friendly staff are always happy to try and order it in for you.