Using the right tools is important to do any job well. The same is true when it comes to cleaning. Oates is an Australian company that has led the cleaning supplies industry for more than eighty years. Oates cleaning supplies are innovative to ensure they deliver the highest reliability, durability, and efficiency every time you use them.

Every residence and business has unique needs to keep them clean. If you have small children or pets, you need an Oates mop that gets under coffee tables and is highly absorbent. If you have tight spaces in your business, a mop that’s easy to maneuver around corners will help keep your workspace clean. If you’re working in a healthcare or science setting, controlling the spread of bacteria is important. A mop with antimicrobial properties is best for you. At Sunlite Mitre 10, you’ll find the Oates mop that’s right for your needs.

Oates Cleaning Supplies

Oates offers a complete range of cleaning supplies. In addition to the Oates cleaning supplies we keep in stock, we will also order in anything we don’t have at no additional charge to you. Choose from a variety of categories for the home or business including:

  • Janitorial and Safety
  • Mops & Polish Spreaders
  • Sanitary Products
  • Scrubs
  • Brushes
  • Wipes, Cloths, and Sponges
  • Window Cleaning Supplies

Not only are Oates cleaning supplies a leader for residential and commercial cleaning; many of their products work on automobiles, boats, garden tools, agricultural tools, pet care, and more!

Oates Cleaning Sydney

You always want to get the best results from your cleaning efforts. That means starting with the best quality cleaning supplies. Oates manufactures cleaning supplies that make getting results faster and easier. You spend less time cleaning and get superior results.

Oates is one of the leading cleaning and houseware brands you’ll find at Sunlite Mitre 10. Find your local Sunlite store or contact us today with your questions.