As Australia’s most trusted iconic brand, Hills create a wide range of trusted innovative solutions for the home, from the front door to the back yard and everything in between. From clotheslines, to laundry airers, ironing boards, garden sprayers and doors, Hills helps Australians everywhere make their homes beautiful.

Sunlite Mitre 10 is proud to offer an extensive selection of products from this leading Australian brand. From garden sprayer service kits to clothes airers and ground sockets for the iconic Hills hoist, we make it easy for people across the country to get the very best for their home.


Sunlite Mitre 10 has all the tools you need to keep weeds under control and make your garden strong! Whatever the type and size of your garden, there’s a Hills garden sprayer that’s right for you. Their ease of use makes them ideal for gardeners at any experience level. Sunlite Mitre 10 makes it easy and convenient to get the right tools for your garden needs.

Large or small gardens require water, pesticides, weed killers, and other performance materials. While you might not require an industrial sprayer, a handheld model with the right capacity is essential for your garden care routine. The type and size of garden sprayer you choose will make fast and easy work of the job and keep your garden looking its best.

Garden Sprayers
  • 500ml Trigger Sprayer – The smallest sprayer offered by Hills is ideal for indoor plants. It has an adjustable nozzle and trigger handle for easy use.
  • 1L Trigger Sprayer – This sprayer does double the job of the 500ml sprayer for double the distribution of liquids to your indoor plants.
  • 1L Garden Pressure Sprayer – The comfortable moulded handle, adjustable plastic extension nozzle, and easy to use on and off button make this sprayer ideal for smaller outdoor gardens.
  • 2L Garden Pressure Sprayer – This Hills garden sprayer has the same features as the 1L Garden Pressure Sprayer, but with double the capacity. Do more at one time with the 2L version.
  • 2.5L Inverter 360° Sprayer – The Inverter lets you spray upside down so you can reach out of the way places. It sprays until the bottle is completely empty, so no liquid goes to waste. The pistol trigger makes it easy to fire.
  • 12L – Knapsack Sprayer – You can carry this sprayer on your back for more comfortable control of your garden. It has an ergonomic trigger handle with an easy grip for your comfort. Choose from single and multi-directional nozzles. Padded straps make it comfortable to carry.
Hoses & Fittings

Hills branded professional range of hoses and fittings are the world leader in professional quality garden tools and accessories. Hills premium hose nozzles all come with quality adjustable nozzles that are ready to go, just simply turn and adjust the quick spray horticultural head, go from Jet to Flower mode in seconds.

Hills innovative spray technology makes them the best on the market, with easy pressure control with a soft-glide thumb water pressure adjustment. Quality reinforced UV stabilised with smooth action for arthritic hands. Super tough construction engineered for the Australian climate. Environmental with easy on and off water control for efficient water usage and can be locked on for long use. Variable water flow allows adjustment to water pressure with perfect fan spray for delicates like flowers and full stream jet for washing cars or fast filling of buckets.

Homewares and Laundry
Laundry Products

Since the invention of the Hills Hoist in 1945, Hills has become the trusted name for innovative laundry solutions. From houses to high rise apartments, large families to singles and everything in between. Hill’s collection of premium laundry products are essential to today’s urban living with indoor clothes drying racks, laundry trolleys and laundry baskets.


Hills currently produce an extensive product range of clotheslines, which is widely known for the traditional ‘Hills Hoist’ invention. Their range includes fixed clothes hoists, folding rotary, folding frame and portable clothesline models, which are suitable for houses, townhouses and apartments.

Ironing Board

The ultimate range of ironing boards by Hills is full of world first innovations, and changing the way we think about ironing. Sturdy and stable with heavy duty feet and legs to ensure stability. Ergonomically designed and engineered, fully adjustable and perfect for tired or sore backs. High standard of attention to detail and quality built for long lasting durability, all with style and comfort. A classic design that is simple to use.


Explore the expanded range in-store or Click & Collect for your convenience. If you don’t see the style you want, give us a call. We’ll order it and get it shipped to you as quickly as possible.

These are just some of the choices you have in the Hills extensive range for all your garden and laundry needs. Contact Sunlite Mitre 10 to learn more.