About to embark on a DIY project? Exciting times ahead! Drop into your local Mitre 10 store today and browse our extensive range of Selleys products.

Selleys has everything you need to nail your next project, whatever that might be. Offering a variety of tools, adhesives, cleaning products, fillers, and more, you’ll be able to get the job done quickly, neatly, and with far fewer mistakes. Sounds good to us!

Kick-start your DIY project with Selleys

Selleys really do have it all when it comes to DIY projects. Looking beyond Selleys leading product ranges and extremely popular products such as liquid nails, adhesives, and sealants. Selleys also have products for car care, cleaning, painting, pest control and more!


Find the right product to help you with your DIY project:


Selleys has fast become one of the most trusted names in liquid nails and household glues. Delivering an extensive range of sealants and adhesives, you can use Selleys products to seal, repair, clean, and even polish a whole range of everyday products.

And it’s not just for the DIY-enthusiast. Many professional tradies pick Selleys liquid nails and super-strong, versatile glues to complete their job to a high standard.


If you have gaps that need filling in the bathroom, kitchen, or another area that’s subject to moisture, a Selleys brand sealer is a fantastic option. Using acrylic polymer technology, Selleys sealant range is the ideal product to keep water out of your home and protect surfaces from water damage.

Putty & Fillers

Fill the gap with Selleys! Putty’s and gap fillers are designed for filling gaps, cracks and holes on and between surfaces. Selleys gap filler delivers a smooth finish and because of its superior flexibility and low shrinkage, those unsightly gaps and cracks won’t re-appear. Selleys sealant range is the perfect choice for both home and office use.


Sellys has all your tiling needs covered from adhesives, cleaning agents and grout. Selleys White For Life range includes tile adhesive products that have been formulated using the whitest materials available, and is suitable for both wall and floor tiles. 

Selleys grout sealer penetrates into the grout to create a waterproof and stain-resistant barrier for up to 12 months protection. Your grout won’t blacken, yellow or stain, keeping the bathroom looking new for longer.


Check out Selleys range of cleaning accessories that make a time-consuming chore that little bit easier. From cleaning marks off your walls, to cleaning your BBQ and even getting rid of mould – cleaning around the home has never been easier with the Selleys range of cleaning products.

If you’re looking for a general household cleaning product, look no further than the popular Sugar Soap range from Selleys. Available in wipes, spray and liquid, this ready to use powerful alkaline liquid household cleaner is effective in removing grease, grime, and mould in kitchens, bathrooms and all household areas including walls and floors. Also recommended for cleaning surfaces prior to painting or wallpapering.


Looking for paint accessories? Selleys has you covered with their range of paint removers and wallpaper accessories. The Kwik Strip range is ideal for fast and effective paint stripping. This product will penetrate through multiple layers in one application and easily washes off in water. 

If you’re thinking about hanging or removing wallpaper, Selleys have a range of products to suit your needs. Prime your walls for wallpaper with Selleys Wallpaper Size/Wall Paper, hang your wallpaper with Selleys Paste or strip your walls with Selleys Wallpaper Peel/Stripper.

Car Care

It’s no secret that you will spend a considerable amount of time in your vehicle. This is why wanting to make sure your car is in great shape, even looking as good as the day you bought it, is completely understandable. 

Selleys provide a wide range of car care products to protect against the dirt, grime and harmful elements of daily commutes. Keep your car looking brand new with our car cleaning products and interior accessories.

Pest Control

Do it yourself and save! Selleys have a range of pest control products that will protect your home or office against potentially damaging pests. From gel to pellets, wax blocks and more, Selleys have a solution for every pest. Rats + mice, cockroaches, ants, etc.


At Sunlite Mitre 10, we are proud to offer an extensive range of Selleys products. Drop into our nearest store today or contact us – we’d be more than happy to give you a hand.