Sutton Tools

When you need to find cutting tools, it’s always important to select a manufacturer that prioritises high-quality results. After starting out in 1917 as a family-owned business, Sutton Tools has continued to produce products that meet the modern demands of DIY and trade work. Using European-manufactured steel, the brand produces hardware that’s far superior to many other products on the market.

Sutton Tools is renowned for its high-quality power and cutting tool accessories for the hardware market and other specialised industrial applications. Sutton Tools is a leader in the field of conventional and advanced abrasive grinding. This innovative technology ensures their cutting tools are of the highest accuracy and performance.

At Sunlite Mitre10, we’re here to help you make the most of your next project using hardware from the Sutton Tools range.

Everything from screwdrivers through to jigsaw blades

Whether it’s a screwdriver that benefits from a comfort grip or a jigsaw blade that comes with profiling unique to your industry, there’s an item in the Sutton Tools range for you. Each item benefits from forward-thinking technologies that promote the tool’s longevity.

The chrome-vanadium used in many of the brand’s screwdrivers uses anti-corrosion technology, which promotes the longevity of the screws you’re working with and makes items more secure.

The high-quality technologies from Sutton Tools aren’t exclusive to the screwdrivers, either. With high-tensile steel used throughout the chisel range, you can secure precise results throughout your project. Whether you’re looking for screw extractors, lubricants, or something else, we’re confident the quality of each tool will be reflected in your working efforts.

Sutton’s Lockjaw Automatic Plier and Clamp range have recently undergone a revamp with their distinctive black and orange design. The new hardwearing label has been specially designed to resist wear and tear from retail environments.

Environmentally-friendly products from Sutton Tools

Although the products from the Sutton Tools range are forward-thinking, they’re also environmentally-friendly. From the materials used during manufacturing through to the manufacturing process itself, each element has an eco-friendly focus that matches the vision of Earth-friendly companies.

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At Sunlite Mitre 10, we’re proud of our selection of Sutton Tools. Whether you need a screwdriver, pliers, or something else, we’re happy to provide you with advice during the selection process. 

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