The expert team behind UNi-PRO are dedicated to helping enthusiastic DIY-ers take care of their most valuable asset – their home. How? By delivering an industry-leading range of trade-quality painting tools, equipment, and accessories.

If you’re undertaking a painting project – whether it involves the interior or exterior of your home or business premises, head to your local Sunlite Mitre 10 store and browse our comprehensive collection of UNi-PRO products.

Painting accessories for DIY-ers

Painting and decorating your home can be a complex, daunting and fiddly task for first-time painters. If you’re getting ready to start a DIY painting project, chances are you’ve got quite a long list of tools and accessories to buy: a rage of paintbrushes, rollers, filling blades, and even caulking guns.

The good news is, UNi-PRO makes securing the equipment you need quick and easy – they offer it all. That means you can spend more time perfecting your painting skills and less time fussing with unreliable, poor-quality tools. Their easy-to-follow instructions and tips will have you painting like a pro in no time!

UNi-PRO’s top ten painting tips

  1. When finished painting, be sure to store your paint upside down to avoid rust forming on the bottom of the paint tin
  2. If you paint overnight, wrap up your paint brushes and rollers in cling wrap to avoid them drying out.
  3. Always check the recommended painting temperatures for the paint you’re using (standard application temperatures vary between 10-25 degrees Celsius).
  4. If you’re using masking tape, avoid painting over the tape. Tape should only be used as a precaution to protect the surface it’s covering.
  5. When painting rooms, always start on the ceiling then work your way down from there – ceiling, walls, trims and lastly the doors.
  6. If you have a problem wall or surface, address the source of the problem rather than painting over it. Taking the time to fix cracks or holes in the wall will ensure a long-lasting professional finish.
  7. Where possible, try to paint during daylight hours. Painting at night makes it more difficult to see light colours. This is especially problematic if you’re using similar light colours between the ceiling and walls, or when trying to “cut in” the two colours.
  8. Wet paint is lighter in colour, so it’s important to remember your paint will always dry slightly darker.
  9. If you want to make a room appear bigger or open up a space, choose a lighter paint colour. On the other hand, darker colours are known for closing in a room by making it feel cosier and warmer.
  10. Always thoroughly mix your paint even if the tin is new. Ensure all tinters are thoroughly mixed through before you begin painting.

Remember, if you’re not sure what precisely you need for your painting project, don’t hesitate to ask our friendly, knowledgeable team. Helping you nail your next DIY job is our passion.

Uni-Pro for professional painters

UNi-PRO is certainly suitable for DIY painters, but that doesn’t mean the true professionals can’t enjoy the brand’s affordable, effective range of accessories. Commercial painters often turn to UNi-PRO to ensure their work exceeds their clients’ standards.

Kick-start your next painting project with UNi-PRO

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