Beautiful, sunny weather almost year-round has helped make barbecuing the popular activity that it is. Weber BBQ grills have become the equipment of choice for getting great results. Weber grills come in a range of styles that fit any space and your outdoor lifestyle. Their ease of use makes them ideal for cooks at any experience level. Sunlite Mitre 10 makes it easy and convenient to get the Weber BBQ Sydney has grown to love!

Choose the Weber BBQ That’s Right For You

Weber grills come in three basic categories including:

  • Charcoal
  • Premium Gas
  • Weber Q Range

Many outdoor cooking enthusiasts debate the benefits of charcoal or gas grills. Weber brings even more choices to your outdoor setting to get the results you prefer. Find the right Weber for you below:


Sunlite Mitre 10 have a range of charcoal weber grills to choose from including the classic Kettle Series. Many cooks still love the smoky flavour of charcoal cooking. Weber’s charcoal models have a unique cleaning system that makes cleaning up the ashes a lot easier.

Enjoy the smoky, tender flavours of charcoal grilling with our range of Weber charcoal BBQ series.

Weber Kettle Series

Classic charcoal cooking comes in the form of Weber’s selection of kettles. Infuse your food with the delicious smoky flavour in the comfort of your backyard. The Weber Kettles are fuelled by charcoal, which imparts a distinctive flavour within your food, aided by the evaporation of any drippings or marinades.

Great tasting flavours accompanied with the Weber Air Vent System for precise temperature control, lid thermometer, and one-touch cleaning system, the Weber charcoal kettle has been designed for simple and efficient use.

Shop the Webber Kettle Here

Smoker Mountain Cooker Series

The first bite of tender, fall-off-the-bone meat makes taking it low-and-slow worth every moment.

Shop the Webber Smoker Mountain Cooker Here

Portable Charcoal Series

The perfect sized portable BBQ for all occasions. Camping for the weekend or hiking in the woods, the ease of cooking a tasty BBQ can be taken with you wherever you need to go.


Shop the Weber Go Anywhere Here

Premium Gas

The Premium Gas range of Weber grills provides a more traditional BBQ experience. Sunlite Mitre 10 is proud to stock the Spirit II series in both the E-310 and E-320 models.

Spirit II Series

Push start your love of gas barbecuing and taste the difference a Spirit II will make in your life. Available in a range of sizes, the Weber Spirit II is compact, stylish, affordable and has incredible gas efficiency.

The Spirit II Series makes BBQ an easy and enjoyable experience, with GS4 infinity electronic ignition system to make sure your BBQ will light the first time, every time.

Shop the Weber Spirit II Here

Weber Q Range

The Weber Q series tops the list of popular BBQ grills. It’s smaller and goes into the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

All the Weber Grills get top ratings for performance and cleanup. Compact, powerful and available in three different sizes, the Weber Q series are the ultimate barbecue for beginners to experts and everyone in between.

Baby Q

Compact and portable. This BBQ is easy to transport for travelling and camping, conveniently fitting in the boot of your car and will store away easily.

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Slightly larger than the Baby Q but still compact enough to take travelling and caravanning. Perfect size for a balcony bbq or keep in the backyard for the whole family.

Shop the Q2000 Here

Family Q

Larger cooking area to cater for big backyard parties. Fast cooking results, the Family Q burns the hottest and fastest out of the Q range, perfect for cooking for family and friends or just an everyday bbq.

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No outdoor living space is complete without the perfect grill. Sunlite Mitre 10 stocks a wide range of Weber BBQ grills in store to meet your needs for outdoor cooking. Explore the expanded range in-store or shop BBQs & accessories online for your convenience. If you don’t see the style you want, give us a call. We’ll order it and get it shipped to you as quickly as possible.

Get everything you need to enjoy relaxing and entertaining outdoors year round. Shop at Sunlite Mitre 10 for your ideal Weber BBQ in Sydney. We have everything you need to grill on the barbie and a lot more!


Most of our stores have a range of Weber products. You will find the largest range of Weber BBQs and Accessories at our Bondi Junction, Newtown, Paddington and Mosman locations.

If you’re a beginner looking to find the perfect grill to get started with. We would recommend the Weber Q2000. These compact gas grills have easy to control burners to find your desired cooking temperature. They may be small in size, but are packed with the same power as a large grill.

The great debate between the gas or the charcoal grill. Both options will deliver great tasting food, but which one is better? This one will come down to what suits your needs and tastes. 

If you’re happy to wait a little longer for your food to infuse with the flavours from the coals when grilling and experimenting with coals and smoking flavours, then charcoal could be your pick. 

If you like to fire it up quickly and get down to the cooking with no time wasting, then a gas cooker is for you. No fuss temperature settings and easy to clean, gas cookers keep it simple.

The possibilities are endless with this question. These versatile barbeques can grill a range of foods including beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, seafood, veggies and even dessert foods. For some Weber BBQ recipe ideas and inspiration, check out Weber’s recipe guide for every grill.