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Weber BBQs at Sunlite Mitre 10


Shopping for a gas or charcoal powered grill? Luckily, we have your cooking needs covered. Whether you’re a first time buyer or not, here at Sunlite Mitre 10, our Weber BBQ range will be sure to meet any budget or cooking intent. Purchase a Weber BBQ in Sydney at Sunlite Mitre 10.


Everyone loves a good barbeque – the incredible aromas, distinctive backyard memories, and of course, the gathering of family and friends. If you’re the host of the Saturday night entertainment or a backyard Sunday barbecue, a Weber ‘Q should be the core item that ties the entire occasion together. Though you may spend the hours leading up to the feast searching for the best quality produce to serve to your guests, it all comes down to the quality of your bbq, and quality is synonymous with Weber barbecues. You don’t have to settle for substandard meat. The Weber ‘Q guarantees delicious, great-tasting results, every time.


Weekend entertaining just got a whole lot more delicious with the exciting range of Weber bbq’s at Sunlite Mitre 10. Renowned for pioneering the dome-shaped kettle grill 50 years ago, today’s range of Weber BBQs and accessories are wide and varied. Here at Sunlite Mitre 10, we are excited to unveil a range ideal for any occasion. Weber’s are renowned for their durability, so why not take one of your nest weekend away?


The Weber Brand is a widely renowned brand and is synonymous with Australian barbecues, and it’s easy to understand why. Thanks to their innovation, the brand has garnered a passionate following of devotees all around the country. With innovative, distinctive features, and durable construction, satisfying family and friends has never been so simple. Generations of families have come to love the distinctive Weber features. These high-end features, which include grill stability, excellent temperature range scores, and versatile exterior grill dimensions, allow for convenience of use.


Each and every Weber BBQ has been crafted to ensure superior flavor retention, allowing you to enjoy a restaurant quality meal within the four corners of your home. Say goodbye to Friday night takeaway, and hello to the perfectly grilled chicken or seared, sizzling steak with the weber bbq.


It’s not just their amazing bbq’s that help create culinary delights though. Weber BBQ accessories are truly excellent. How does the perfectly crafted pizza sound? Or what about dessert? When you choose the Weber ‘Q, you’re making the best choice for your taste palette. With great performance, consistency, and durability, you’ll never have to worry about finding the perfect bbq again!


Here at Sunlite Mitre 10, we believe in the Weber ‘Q that much, that we offer a 5 year warranty on any purchase from the range. You'll find Weber at your nearest Sunlite Mitre 10 store in Bondi Junction, Newtown or Paddington. Excellent cooking performance, safe and sturdy. The Weber BBQ.


Truly enhance your cooking experience and look beyond the basics by visiting one of our stores today – it’s time to get grilling with the range of weber q available at Sunlite Mitre 10.


Get the whole family together and let them in on your kitchen extravaganza! 


You'll find Weber at your nearest Sunlite Mitre 10 store in Bondi Junction, Newtown or Paddington.