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Arlec Air Conditioners, Ceiling Fans & Heaters

Keeping cool in Australia is not always easy. Many of us spend significant portions of our day outside, or in traffic, or working in poorly ventilated areas. This tends to leave us somewhat hot and definitely bothered.

This is why it is so critical that we can come home to a crisp, cool and comfortable home, or a nicely refrigerated office. In the summer, when temperature start to soar, keeping cool becomes more than just a pleasant luxury; it becomes a necessity.

This is why a high quality a high quality air conditioning supplier like Arlec is so important in Australia. Arlec offer a wide range of different air conditioning units, fans, and other accessories. Each of these products is aimed at keeping you, your team, your friends, or your family cool and comfortable, even in the most unforgiving and blisteringly warm conditions.

One of the most popular products in Arlec’s Austrlaian range is the Arlec Portable Air Conditioner. Less energy-hungry and more convenient than their wall-mounted counterparts, these air conditioning units provide cooling temperatures as and where they are required. Also popular are Arlec Ceiling Fans which facilitate the flow of cool air in a more cost-effective manner than a traditional air conditioner.

However, the Arlec range is not limited to cooling solutions. The firm also offer heating equipment, enabling users in both commercial and residential settings to achieve the perfect balance in terms of temperature and climatic control. Arlec heaters remain an important part of the company’s range, along with Arlec’s sensor lights and other HVAC system accessories.

Feel free to browse the Arlec product range and discover more about what Sunlite Mitre 10 can offer you. All of our products come with the standard warranty and guarantee to give you peace of mind as you shop for the solution you need.

For more information, get in touch with a member of our team or come and visit us at Bondi Junction, Newtown or Paddington.