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Using Nature's Colours to Create Mood in your Home

Colour impacts mood. Before you paint, consider what mood you want to create. Sydney offers an endless palette of natural colours, so instead of picking up paint samples from the store, why not venture outside and snap some photos? The hardware store in Sydney provides colour matching to nature's beauty, so you can create the perfect home environment. Some ideas to get you started:

Kitchen - Restaurants use red to stimulate appetite. Apple red encourages hearty eating. If you're watching your weight, however, you might want to stick to yellow, which induces a happy feeling without the hunger. The red and yellow blend of running postman flowers blends the best of both.

Bathroom - White feels clean. Match pearly shells, or starbright flannel flowers for a soothing, clean mood. Colour matching to the ocean's blue-greens evokes relaxation. To bring out the feminine in aqua, use pink and lavender accents. For a sportier look, pair blue-green with orange or yellow. Mixing deep turquoise with black and white gives a modern, funky feel.

Living room – Colour matching to the earth in neutral or warm tones encourages conversation. Consider matching the neutral colours of Sydney's sandy beaches, with the warm accent of sunshine.

Home office - Green helps concentration. Match your favorite green foliage to help you focus.

Dining room - Red encourages appetite. If you paint your dining room red, your guests may think you're a better cook! Mountain rose pink produces the same effect, with a softer feel.

Bedroom - Blues, greens, and lavender calm nerves. The darker the hue, the more effect they have. Some colour matching ideas for bedroom: sky or ocean blue, grass green, and carpet royale lavender. Bringing in small bits of red accent, like throw pillows, encourages romance. The hardware store in Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction offers computerised colour matching to suit your every mood.

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