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Tips to add value to your home


Are you getting ready to put your property on the market? The summer property boom is about to hit the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

As the Eastern Suburbs changes from hibernating inside their cozy homes, to enjoying long warm days on the beach - swimming and relaxing, many first time property buyers will be on the look out for beach pads close to Sydney CBD, and chances are that your property is one of them!

Take the following steps to find out how to add value to your property.

1. Before starting any work on your property, consult a property-valuing agent so you can get an idea of how much your property can be improved.

2. The entrance to any home is the first and last impression on any buyers mind. It all comes down to the detail. Buy some nice plants to surround the front door to give the buyer a sense that they are entering a well-established property.

3. Give your property a fresh feel. Things like giving a wall or a doorframe a fresh coat of paint or replacing fittings in the bathroom really do count. It doesn't take long and it really pays off.

4. Give your kitchen a make over. Replacing old tap fittings with new ones or even replacing your old bench top can add significant dollars to your selling price.

5. Create a mood when buyers enter your home with some good quality lighting. Replacing light switches and covers are one of the simple and easy things you can do to add value to your home.

6. Be sure to fix all of those squeaky floorboards and door hinges with WD-40 multi purpose lubricant.

7. Create a nice outdoor entertaining space. Even if you have a small courtyard or inner-city balcony, you can still do so much. Having a wall garden is very popular for apartment owners to have because it lets them grow plants and veggies with the need of taking up precious space.

8. Mount your TV on the wall. This gives the illusion of more space.

9. The sale price of your house will considerably rise if you have light spaces, and also sealed windows that will reduce background- noise and keep out the cold of the winter. Window and door sealant strips are very easy to install.

10. Fix holes or dents in any walls left by picture hooks. Yet again, this is a very easy and simple thing to do that will add value to your property. Come in and see the friendly team and we can answer any questions you might have.

The friendly team at Sunlite Hardware are experts at Property Maintenance and can help you find the correct products for adding value to your property while giving you the best service around.

Have fun!

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