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Tips for the amateur gardener

As we are entering spring, this is the perfect time to get in to your garden and start preparing it for summer. Do you want a perfect lawn for the Christmas holiday period? Now is the time to start.

Sunlite Hardware, Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD have everything to get your garden in shape for wear and tear over the summer season. We have Grass Trimmers, Lawnmowers, Garden tools, Seeds, Soil, Plant Pots, Fertilizer, Lawn seed, Garden gloves and much more.

Get your garden ready for the summer season by following these tips.

• Get out into your garden next weekend and give it a good prune. This will promote growth throughout September.

• If you have any bare patches in your lawn, cultivate it with a steel rake and evenly spread grass seed across the bare area. Be sure to dampen the area with a hose and spread fertilizer across your lawn.

What a long winter we have had! It is likely that your garden has become overgrown and needs to be chopped back.

• Use a Grass trimmer with a weed trimmer line installed and cut the top layers of your overgrown grass. Use a lawnmower to finish it off, as it will give it your lawn a nice finish!

• If you have a large hedge, which needs trimming, use a stepladder (we have Great Stepladders!) and use some electric shears to shave off the hedge. Our friendly team members are more then happy to help you find the solutions to any of your gardening problems.

• If you are planning to plant a vegetable garden for summer, spring is the best time to start getting your vegie garden ready. Start by cultivating the soil thoroughly and add a rich fertilizer full of nutrients. This will sit over spring and get immersed in the soil maximizing your growing time in the summer.

Staying safe in the garden.

When doing any gardening,make sure you wear garden gloves at all times. Studies show that so many garden accidents could have been prevented with the right gear. Did you know that in the UK every year, 87000 people (Reference: The Telegraph) are sent to hospital due to gardening accidents? Even the simplest protection such as garden gloves is a powerful step towards protecting you. It is strongly recommended that when using a garden power tool, that you wear work boots or gumboots, eye and ear protection.

Nothing’s too hard for the team at Sunlite Hardware. We’ll do our best to help you with your gardening problems to inspire you to get out in to the garden this spring.

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