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How to screen off your garden from neighbours


Putting up a garden screen is a simple and cost effective method of gaining the privacy you deserve. A well prepared screen is also helpful in preventing animals from destroying your plants, and can act as a wind break protecting your garden from harsh elements. There are endless design possibilities when it comes to the type of screen you would like for your garden. Textured fences are popular, or you may choose to use living things to serve as the screen, like plants. When you are planning, it’s important to know the many options available.

If you need help planning your ideas or locating the right materials visit one of our three stores in Oxford St, Pitt St or York St. Sunlite Hardware is your boutique hardware convenience supermarket offering expert customer service to ensure you have the best experience.

Because we love our customers, we’ve put together a little list of the materials you can use when it come to screening your garden.


Hedges are commonly used as privacy screens in the garden, but they do require regular maintenance. Different plants can be used as basic for the hedges, including gardenias and conifers.

Screening Plants

If you want plants to serve as screen but you are looking for minimal effort when it comes to maintenance, like pruning, the best bet is to use screening plants. Hibiscus or hop bushes serve well.


The use of bamboo is an interesting option when it comes to screens. When used the right way, bamboo can create a modern, fantastic looking screen that will complement the garden.


If you don’t have time to wait for plants to grow and there is an immediate need for a screen, a timber fence may be the way to go. You can easily design and build this yourself, making it a cost effective option.


If used, you can add climbers and creepers in order to tone down the look of the concrete. By adding creepers you will heighten the garden’s aesthetic value.


A trellis creates a high degree of privacy, and can also act as a feature in your garden.

Deciding on how much time you are willing to spend on maintaining the privacy screen will make the choice easier when it comes to choosing which screen is right for you. Take a walk in to your garden and decide which type of materials you would use to create you screen. Remember, the team at Sunlite Hardware Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction will go that extra mile to ensure you can achieve the best garden screen in your neighbourhood! 

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