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How to fix a Leaky Tap

leaky tapAt Sunlite Hardware, we believe that you should never call a plumber when a trip to a city hardware store will do. Conserve water, and save money, by fixing your leaky tap yourself. The most common cause of a leaky tap is a worn washer, which you can easily replace yourself. You can follow these simple steps...


1. Shut off the water supply.

2. Pop off the taps handle's decorative cap, if it has one. Unscrew the handle, and remove. If it sticks, wrap your screwdriver with a rag or tack cloth, and use it to pry off the handle.

3. Unscrew the packing nut with a slip joint or water-pump pliers, or an adjustable wrench, then remove the valve stem by hand.

4. Remove the washer--that's a rubber piece inside. Don't throw it away, until after you've come home from Sunlite's city hardware stores with a new one.

5. Take note of the valve seed, the metal opening that the rubber washer presses against. City hardware stores carry a variety of washers, so this is important. Is the valve seed straight or angled? If it's angled, get a cone-shaped replacement washer. If straight, get a flat one.

6. Take the valve stem and old washer with you to city hardware stores, to help you buy the right sized replacement.

7. When you get home from city hardware stores, just reverse the process: put in the new washer, replace the valve stem, screw on the packing nut, replace the handle, pop on the decorative cap, and turn the water supply back on.

8. Check the tap for leaks, and you're good to go!

As a city hardware store, Sunlite Hardware has all the supplies you will need to do all sorts of home improvement projects. Feel free to drop in one of our city stores.

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