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How To Fix a Squeaky Door

Squeaky doors are a frequent nuisance, and they should be fixed as soon as possible. Besides the nerve-wracking squeak, door hinges are bound to get damaged sooner or later.

Squeaking is often attributed to old age of doors, frequent slamming, or wearing off of lubricant. Often just a couple of squirts of WD40 can fix the problem and eliminate the nasty squeaking noise.

Before applying the WD40, it is a good idea to swing the door to establish which hinge is responsible for the squeaking. Then apply a couple of squirts of the WD40 to the hinge, and just in case to the other hinge as well. With strong squeaking, a liberal amount of oil may be needed. Then wipe off the excess oil. To distribute the oil evenly, swing the door back and forth again.

If the application of the oil has not eliminated the squeaking noise, the next measure is to loosen hinge screws using a screwdriver. Then squirt some WD40 again. Now the lubricant will penetrate deeper inside the hinges. Screw the hinges back on and swing the door to distribute the oil until you no longer hear the nasty squeaking.

In some cases the pins should be taken from the door hinges. When hinges are covered with paint, there is bound to be squeaking: the paint prevents the lubricating oil from doing its job. The pins are tapped with a screwdriver and if necessary with a hammer, to get them out and cover them with a layer of lubricant. It should be some powdered lubricant, e.g. silicone or graphite, as it lasts longer.

If the problem persists, the door will have to be rehung. In old houses changes in door alignment inside the door frame are common. Sometimes squeaking may be caused by disasters such as earthquakes. The change in alignment results in pressure on hinges and concomitant squeaking. Rehanging involves removing hinges and oiling them. When the door is rehung afterwards, hinges should not be twisted. If necessary, hinges should be moved on a new section to have a clean surface to hang the door there.

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