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The Sunlite family has expanded to Newtown!

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How to Choose the Right Garden Fertilisers

With Summer on its way, it is very important that your plants are healthy and ready after a cold Winter to withstand the warmer weather. …

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Need a quote from a top notch tradie within an hour?

Need your house painted? Your light switch replaced? A new tap installed in the kitchen? Perhaps you're looking for a photographer for your son or daughter’s next birthday party? Look no further! Find out more…

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How to Stay Safe when using Christmas Lights with Sunlite Mitre 10

Head in to one of the three Sunlite Mitre 10 stores this Christmas to pick up some of the best Christmas Deals! Our stores are buzzing with Christmas cheer, lights, decorations and Christmas Music. Its better to be safe that sorry when celebrating this Christmas, so we thought we write a little arti…

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Give your deck a new look!

We understand how frustrating it can be when it’s a boiling hot day and you want to spend the whole day out on your Balinese day bed but you can’t get to it, because the deck that it is sitting on it full of splinters and peeling stain after years drenched in the hot sun.…

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Tips for the amateur gardener

As we are entering spring, this is the perfect time to get in to your garden and start preparing it for summer. Do you want a perfect lawn for the Christmas holiday period? Now is the time to start. Follow these steps to learn how.…

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Is your home secure against intruders?

Most of us do not realize how easy it is for an intruder to break into our homes and walk away with very precious or valuable items. Itreally comes down to the quality of your locks and deterrents. Sunlite Hardware - Your local hardware store in Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD stocks a large rang…

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Power Tools - Save Your Energy

If you’re doing simple tasks like hanging up a picture, you probably won’t need a power tool to do it. But when you start doing bigger projects, power tools are very useful. A nail gun for example will save you a lot of time and effort. You will be able to find one at any hardware store …

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Choosing the right power tool in Sydney

When you own a property, a high level of maintenance and upkeep is definitely required. Property owners are more often opting to do the work themselves instead of hiring someone as calling a professional can become expensive. Power tools could help to make your life easier.…

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