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How to Choose the Right Garden Fertilisers

With Summer on its way, it is very important that your plants are healthy and ready after a cold Winter to withstand the warmer weather. …

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Setting a Timer on Garden Sprinklers will Save You Money

Long are the days that you need to manually get up and take a hose to the lawn and garden. A perfect addition, making your yards maintenance worry free, is a sprinkler timer. A sprinkler timer helps you schedule your watering requirements for the lawn and garden. With a timer in place you can automa…

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How to choose a Lawnmower/Trimmer

As we are in the peak of Spring, it is most likely that your lawn has become over grown and it’s time for a trim. A lawnmower is a must have in every man’s shed. Choosing a reputable brand is your best option when choosing a lawnmower, as they should last you a lifetime. Follow this guid…

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How to screen off your garden from neighbours

Putting up a garden screen is a simple and cost effective method of gaining the privacy you deserve. A well prepared screen is also helpful in preventing animals from destroying your plants, and can act as a wind break protecting your garden from harsh elements. There are endless design possibilitie…

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