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Tips for creating an outdoor entertaining space

With record temperatures about to hit Sydney this coming weekend, it is the perfect opportunity to get outside with some mates around the BBQ.

When it comes to designing your outdoor entertaining space, the friendly team at
Sunlite Hardware has it all sorted.

Take a few of these tips into consideration when designing your outdoor
entertaining space.


1. Have a plan of your idea on paper as it can become quite confusing on
site as to where things are to go.

2. Pick a flat area of your garden, verandah or patio. If your serious
about your landscape designing, then it is best to hire a contractor to come and assess the site but also excavating to make a flat area to work with.

3. Visit Sunlite Hardware in Bondi Junction and pick all the appropriate
furniture to fit your garden's design; BBQ¹s, gardening equipment, table
setters and arrange delivery to your site with the friendly team of staff.

4. Take a walk around your home and think of how you could carry the
design style outside your home into the garden. It is best to keep your
entertaining space the same style as the interiors of your house to keep one
flow of design styles happening.

5. When designing your outdoor space be sure to think about council

6. If your property has a theme happening in the garden, e.g. the types of
plants etc. then think about carrying this theme to your entertaining space.
The front garden of your property really sums up the design of your
property. The outdoor entertaining space is a real focal point of any
property so the more time that you spend completing this the more you get
out while enjoying it with your mates.

7. Everyone loves a good BBQ party on Saturday nights, so why not consider
installing landscape lighting to really provide a good atmosphere and

8. Choose a BBQ that will impress. When you have a good BBQ, the
partygoers will be deliberating about whether you're BBQ is better than
theirsĀŠand you'll win!

9. Landscape your garden well with a combination of different flowing
plants that will leave a great impression on any visitors. Spring is the
perfect time to start planting. If you need some help selecting the correct
products don¹t hesitate to contact us or click here to read our tips for
amateur gardeners.

10. It is a great idea to install a multipurpose timber
storage box in your entertaining space. This is probably the handiest thing
to have on hand if you need to get rid of clutter minute before guests
arrive (no joke!). Some timber storage boxes come with an icebox installed
so it doubles up as a beer fridge during any outdoor celebrations.

We have some amazing deals on Outdoor furniture and BBQ's, so get in to our
store at Bondi Junction before everything¹s out the door!

If you're having problems with selecting the right products and getting the
best service just drop us a line and we'll be happy to help.

So get designing!


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