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The benefits of using a spray gun when painting

Sunlite Hardware in Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD offer personalised service and even better, paint tinting, paint matching and colour advice all free! One of our core ranges is paint, and if we don’t have the paint you were after, we can usually get in store with in a matter of hours. How’s that for service? 

Since we ensure our customers leave our stores with a smile and a great deal in the bag, we’d like to ice the cake by keeping you up to date with the tips and tricks of the DIY world. Keep this article in mind when painting that thirty-metre fence; it could save you a heap of time and money!

Spray guns are one of the most popular techniques of painting. This method uses a spray device to coat a surface with paint, ink or varnish. Spray guns have many advantages to professionals and DIY workers. They can be used for a number of paint jobs, and for a number of surfaces including, glass, and fiber, wood and metal.

The common design for the gun calls for stainless steel or other light weight materials. The basic parts include the control knobs, body and needle. Specifications of the gun may vary depending on the targeted painting job. The more complicated spray gun with a large array of controls and features are recommended for complex jobs. These guns can come in different types as well, but a leading type that is helping pros and DIY experts, is the high volume low pressure (HVLP) spray gun. A HVLP spray gun and paint can be picked up at your local hardware store, Sunlite Hardware.

The HVLP spray gun is the best piece of equipment you can use to get a job done in a timely manner. The reason for its efficiency can be found on the transfer efficiency of the gun. This device can facilitate a greater amount of paint at the surface every time. No more need to manually brush a surface a few inches at a time, by using the gun, you can cover a large area, simplifying the painting process and getting the job done much quicker.

Time saved is money gained, so using a spray gun is not only easier, more enjoyable and time efficient, it is also cost effective. Pop in to one of our there stores and check out our range today. 

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