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The Flatbed Trolley

The Flatbed Trolley as an Indispensable Item for Moving Things.

For all heavy loads, the flatbed trolley is indispensable as a means of transportation in indoor and outdoor domestic applications. Bulky loads can be conveniently stored on the flat platform, and the four castors provide ease of movement.

All the components of the flatbed trolley are designed to facilitate load transportation. The sturdy steel platform has a solid construction. The trolley features castors made of different materials, cast iron, solid rubber, or air filled pneumatic castors. There are two fixed and two swivel castors which enable easy control during movement. The handle can be folded for convenient storage when the trolley is not used. Further features include scuff resistant corners and powder coated handles.

The flatbed trolley is especially suitable for domestic uses, as it can be folded down to compact shape, to take up little space in car trunks, or at home, in garages or storage rooms. When there are items to be transported, the flatbed trolley can be unfolded within seconds and is ready to use.

The flatbed trolley is useful in a host of activities at home when heavy items need to be transported. These include moving documents or books, boxes full of a variety of domestic goods, moving boxes, or electrical equipment.

If you need a way to move or transport goods that will not break your back, literally, using flatbed trolley is the obviousl choice. Sunlite Hardware in Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction stock a comprehensive range of trolleys to choose from. Click here to contact one of our stores.

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