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The Basics of Safe Use of Stepladders

Stepladders should provide sufficient safety, and not expose people to hazards. For satisfactory, hassle free use, the following rules should be observed:

1. The stepladder should be about 3 feet (or 1 meter) shorter than the point to be reached, for stability with convenient working heights. A stepladder is stable when leaning against a wall; if no such support is available, a straight ladder should be used.

The stepladder should be fully opened; stability should be checked prior to climbing. Climbing the stepladder from the back is precarious. The ladder angle should be right, and the ladder should be sufficiently close to the working place.

Stepladders should not be pushed or pulled from the sides. The safest stability is provided with the person facing the stepladder when ascending or descending. The body should be in a central position relative to the side rails, with both hands firmly gripping them.


Climbing too high, with the knees over stepladder top, is risky, and so is a position where the person cannot keep a handhold on the stepladder. "Shifting" the ladder in a manner similar to walking when the person is on the ladder is especially risky. The top shelf is not designed for standing on climbing on.

Further precautions involve: avoiding overloading the stepladder, not using it as a brace, or as support for some working platform, as well as avoiding the placement of bases underneath to gain added height.

Surface which are slippery constitute a hazard; soft surfaces are also risky, because the ladder may sink into ground: ladders based on oft surfaces should be provided with special accessories.

Finally, stepladders should be stored in appropriate places, where there is no risk of people or vehicles hitting them, and when they are stored in passageways, driveways, etc., suitable barriers should protect them.

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