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It's 3am, and your toilet overflows. A common problem, and usually simple to fix, but you don't have a plunger. Now what? 40% of households in Bondi Junction  are renting. In order for renters to keep up their homes, and make minor repairs, they need only a few basic tools. Necessary tools for renters living in Bondi Junction and the Sydney CBD include:

• smoke detector and fire extinguisher – Your landlord may provide these, but if not, be sure to get them.

• first aid kit – Keep it stocked and ready for emergencies.

• flashlight and extra batteries – in case of power outage • step ladder – Standing on a chair to reach high shelves can cause accidents.

• toilet plunger – You never know when you'll need it.

• utility knife – Use the right tool to avoid potentially serious cuts.

• tape measure – Preferably the kind that winds back into a holder.

• hammer – Use for countless everyday jobs.

• screwdriver – Preferably one with interchangeable heads. You'll need this tool for tightening cabinet hinges, putting together prefab furniture, and many other things.

• extra light bulbs – Don't be caught in the dark without a spare light bulb.

• picture hangers – Hang artwork and photos without damaging walls

Some tools that renters can live without, but also come in handy, include:

• drywall anchors – These allow you to hang shelves without finding the stud, and with minimal damage to the drywall.

• level – Ensure shelves are straight.

• safety goggles and dust mask – Prevent injury from drywall dust when hanging shelves.

You can find all of the tools you need at the Bondi Junction or Sydney CBD hardware store. If your Bondi Junction rental needs major repair, and your landlord isn't tending to it, call the Eastern Area Tenantsor  Service for free advice. 02 9386 9147

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