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Stair Climbing Trolleys

The stairclimber trolley facilitates the carrying of heavy loads upstairs as well as downstairs. This is achieved by means of the structure which comprises a triple wheel design enabling rotation and leveraging of loads. The stairclimber can be used in both industrial and household activities when heavy loads should be transported up or down the stairs. Stairclimbers can be manual, or powered by batteries.

To provide ease of movement, stairclimbers are equipped with rotating wheels or tracks. With stairclimbers having a wheel locking mechanism, two wheels can be locked and the third one is the only wheel touching the ground, for easy maneuverability. When the stairclimber is pulled upstairs, the gap between two wheels hooks on to the step corner, and the third wheel is levered on the upper step, so the person transporting the load can use the leverage to pull the stairclimber up with little effort. Then the action is repeated, and the wheels are rotated to hook on to the next step.

In industrial applications the convenience of stairclimbers is due to the fact that they can be fitted to all types of hand trucks. A stairclimber is equally convenient in the home, with the convenience of a triple wheel design to rotate and lever the load being carried, to facilitate transportation. Stairclimbers are unsurpassed for handling staircase transportations: with the little physical effort required, any adult can manage to carry personal belongings, books, groceries, etc. upstairs or downstairs. If heavy cartons or boxes are transported by hand, there are risks of injuries or damage to fragile property if the person carrying the load drops it by accident. Because of the convenience of stairclimbers and of the load lifting safety they provide, they are preferred for domestic uses as the truly indispensable trolley type for staircase use.

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