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Spring Cleaning

As we change seasons from winter to spring tomorrow, now is the right time to get your property in shape to avoid pests and insects invading your property during summer!

Did you know that hundreds of different bugs could be living in your house right now? Over the winter season many insects and bugs crawl inside your house (they will always find their way in) to shelter from the harsh conditions of winter.

Its all very well having lovely well-polished wooden floorboards through out your house, but in fact they are the favourite place to live for bugs and insects over winter. If you have a pets (especially dogs or cats) ensure that their coats are trimmed and they have taken flea treatment or the infestations of fleas will so be on to you!

The team at Sunlite Hardware in Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD are experts in Property Maintenance and Cleaning and can help you find the right products with personalised service. Take these steps on how to clean your property for spring and summer.

1. Start by getting rid of any small objects that are of no importance in all of the rooms, In other words, get rid of all the clutter. E.g. Books, Stationary, Magazines, Electronic equipment.

2. (Skip this step if you don’t own a pet) Place towels over all items of importance in your house and all electronic equipment. Let off an insect bomb inside your house and leave it for two hours. This will kill all the insects and bugs.

3. Dust all the Surfaces of your house. Use a stepladder to reach up on top of doorframes (these places often accumulate the most dust).

4. Mop down all the floors; wipe down all bench tops and food preparation areas with food-safe cleaning products.

5. Use a Heavy Duty Wet/Dry workshop vacuum cleaner to pick up all the dust and pick up all those dead bugs from in between the cracks in your floorboards. Move any easy to move furniture and vacuum the place where the furniture has been sitting.

6. Open all your windows to keep air flowing through the property. 

There is nothing better than the satisfaction of having a clean house to come home to after a hard day at work. Here at Sunlite Hardware we stock many Cleaning Products, Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners, High Pressure Washers and Cleaning Equipment.

So get cleaning!

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