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Solutions for Apartment Gardeners in Bondi Junction

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You know the benefits of gardening, but what if you don't have the room? Apartment dwellers can grow vegetables in limited spaces, with a visit to the hardware store in Bondi Junction, and a little ingenuity.

If your apartment has a yard, ask your landlord about access. You may be allowed to section off a bit. If you share a yard with other tenants, ask about working together on a backyard garden. You can share the cost, the labor, and the harvest. And who knows? Maybe friendship will grow with a shared passion for the earth. You can pick up everything you need at Sunlite Hardware, Bondi Junction hardware store.

Check the soil depth. A depth of 30 to 50 centimeters is needed to grow vegetables. Basil, coriander, cucumber, pumpkin and chives grow well in the temperate climate of Bondi Junction. If the soil is sandstone, incline to catch rainwater, fertilize well, and cover seeded soil with mulch.

To grow veggies on a small balcony or patio, consider a hanging garden. The hardware store in Bondi Junction carries a selection of hanging pots. Fill the bottom of the pots with rocks, to allow the plants to drain, use good soil, and water often.

If you have no outdoor space, group together pots inside your home. The hardware store in Bondi Junction carries a variety of pot caddies and stands. Set a large pot as a focal point, with smaller pots around it. Be sure to consider the lighting, and the depth of each pot, when planting. Indoor gardens add decorative flare whilst supplying healthy, fresh veggies and herbs.

If you have no room, Waverley Community Garden allows opportunity for residents to hire a plot for organically growing veggies The garden is located behind Clementson Park in Bondi Junction. For information, call 9369 8000, or check out

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