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Painting Home Interior: Tips to Save Money

Painting home interior on their own, people can cheaply achieve significant home improvements. The first step is to purchase paint of suitable color and in sufficient amount. Latex is the best choice, mostly in eggshell or satin. Flat paint finishes hide wall flaws; eggshell and satin are dirt resistant and easily cleaned. Special paint is used for trim painting, forming a hard shell and wear resistant; trim paint colors should suit wall color. The painting equipment and materials comprise: drop cloths or tarps; a paint roller, tray, and brush; a screwdriver, a putty knife, wall spackling and household cleaner.

The furniture should be moved away, covered with drop cloths or disposable plastic covers, and the floor covered too. Electrical switch plates, outlet covers, pictures should be removed. The walls should be cleaned with cleaning solution, rinsed with water and left to dry. Stains should be primed with oil based primer, to prevent them from penetrating through new paint. Holes should be repaired with wall spackling and the putty knife; upon drying the spackling should be sanded with fine sandpaper.

Trimming should be done around doors, windows, baseboards, edges between walls and ceilings. The trim edges can be covered with painter's tape if the trim will not be painted. Painting is done with the paint roller and the tray, from top corners downwards, with small sections covered for each roller refill; new sections should start beside previous ones and paint edges should be blended together. Painting should not be stopped until one wall is completed, or breaks such as doors or corners are reached. After the first coat, the painter can assess whether an additional coat is needed. When painting trims, door and window tops are painted first and painting should go on downward to remove runs, with baseboards painted last.

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