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Is your home secure against intruders?

Most of us do not realize how easy it is for an intruder to break into our homes and walk away with very precious or valuable items. It
really comes down to the quality of your locks and deterrents. Sunlite Hardware - Your local hardware store in  Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD stocks a large range of security equipment, door locks,padlocks, chains and security lighting.

Take these steps to ensure your home is secured and protected against intruders:

1.  Ensure your have a heavy duty and good quality lock for your front door. Installing a deadbolt will stop intruders entering through the
front door while your not home. It is a must to install a privacy chain on your door. This will stop unwanted burglars and intruders forcing their way into your house. You can pick up all of these items at your local hardware store, Sunlite Hardware. Our friendly team members can advise you on how to best complete the project.

2.  Install a bolt on any exposed patio doors. We also strongly recommend installing a grill on exposed patio doors. This will stop
intruders getting into the house if they break large panes of glass.

3.  If you need access control over your house, do not put a key under the mat or under the pot. These are the first places an intruder will
look. At Sunlite Hardware we recommend and use the Masterlock Select Access key safes. These safes are very easy to use; simply mount on the wall, set the code. If a contractor comes to work on your property while your not at home, simply give them the code and then you can easily change it later.

4.  Ensure you have adequate lighting around your property. By installing sensor lights around the perimeter of your house you are
eliminating the risk of an intruder breaking in with out the sense that he/she is being watched.

5.  Ensure your house numbers are clearly marked incase of an event where the police need to get to you. Make sure your hedges, shrubs and bushes are well pruned, as these can often be a very popular hiding spot for burglars.

6.  Maintain a good relationship with your neighbours. They can keep a spare key while you're on holiday or collect your mail.

7.  Keep up to date with your local police. The NSW police have recently embarked on a new project called eyewatch. This program brings the community together and educates residents about crime prevention.

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