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How to install garden lighting

Garden Lights bring your garden to life at night. They are great for all year round use and create a relaxed ambiance at your BBQs or Dinner Parties. Garden Lighting is very easy to install, but it is strongly recommended that you consult an electrician or dial 1100 before laying any cables.

 Follow these steps on how to install Garden Lighting.

 Decide where you want to install the lights. You can find this out by taking a walk around your garden and choosing which plants or trees would look best illuminated at night. Installing Garden Lighting also increases safety and security in your garden. Think about where you could install these lights. A great place to start installing Garden lights is your front driveway or entrance path.

There are so many different lighting systems to choose from. Sunlite Hardware Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD stocks different types of Lighting Systems including Solar Lights and High-Low Voltage Systems. 12 Volt systems are easy to install by the keen Do-it-yourselfer. A licensed electrician can only install 240 Volt systems. For a temporary fix, Solar Lights are the best as long as your Garden is exposed to the sun for a majority of the day.


  1. Visit your Local Sunlite Hardware and speak to a highly trained staff member about the garden lighting that is suitable for your garden.
  2. Place the garden lights in the ground of your garden with the stake provided with your light.
  3. When operating on a 12 Volt system, you would have been given or may of purchased a transformer and cabling to accompany your system. Once you have this cabling ready, start with the last light at the end of your garden. Thread cable through the stem of the light and attach to the light following manufacturers instructions.
  4. Continue the previous step through out your entire lighting system. Attach the end of the cable to the transformer via terminals and your ready to go!
  5. Set a timer on your lighting system so it turns on at your desired time.




  • When choosing your transformer make sure that the lights do not exceed the transformers capabilities.  Example – Three 20-watt lights on a 60-watt transformer is correct. Four 20-watt lights on a 60-watt transformer is incorrect and must not be attempted.
  • Be sure to burry the cable in the ground so none of it is exposed.

Always obey product packaging and instructions. Always be on the look out for ‘Must be installed by a licensed electrician’.

The friendly team at Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD are always willing to help you out and solve your DIY problems. Just drop us a line or give us a call.


This is the opinion from Sunlite Hardware, and cannot certify the accuracy of the information contained in this article. Sunlite Hardware excludes any liability to the statements in the Article. 

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