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How to choose the right outdoor setting

It is crucial to select the correct setting to your liking and the requirements of the space you plan to use it in. This topic can be slightly over looked when it comes to buying but this is in fact the most important set of tips to remember when choosing an Outdoor Setting at Sunlite Hardware. Many people who did not take these tips in to consideration when they bought their outdoor setting live regretting they bought it because it did not completely fit their requirements but they did not think of them at the time.

 Next time you’re shopping for your Outdoor Setting and even BBQ’s and other equipment, remember to take this checklist along.

  1. Think about the interiors of your home, the furniture in your home should be appropriately suited to the paint colours to add contrast to your home – for example, if your walls were painted a dark grey colour, the furniture you have should be of a light colour such as cream. So…apply this concept to your outdoor entertaining space.
  2. Think about the space you’re dealing with. Do you have young children, elderly or disabled persons wanting to use the Outdoor Setting?  If so, heavy materials such as Iron and solid timbers such as Australian Hardwoods like Jarrah are unsuitable.  These days many Outdoor Settingsare constructed from aluminum, which is so much more convenient as they are lightweight and portable but also add that nice contemporary touch. 
  3. Select a setting that is suitable to your suburbs demographic conditions. Does it rain a lot?  Is there a tree with possums living in it above the outdoor setting? The questions that can arise are endless.
  4. What is your price range? There are so many styles and choices when it comes to Outdoor Settings. Here at Sunlite Hardware in Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction we ensure we cater for everybody’s requirements – so don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us with any of your questions.

Make sure you have constructed or have a suitable spot to place your Outdoor Setting. If you’re having trouble constructing an Outdoor entertaining space click here.

Take experts in Home Maintenance and in Customer Service – Mix them together and you have the award winning team at Sunlite Hardware. We’re happy to help you solve any problems you have with your projects.

Don’t forget to check out our catalogue, click here.

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