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How to choose interior paint colour

A fresh coat of paint makes a dramatic difference for a small cost. Sunlite Hardware of Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD carries an assortment of paint and supplies for all your interior painting needs. With so many colours and styles to choose from in the Bondi Junction and city stores, here are some tips to help you decide.Paint is the easiest thing to change. Make sure you're set on big things, like carpet, cabinets, and furniture, first.

  • If your couch or drapes have a print, consider picking up a colour from the background of the print, to paint the walls.
  • Consider lines of vision. If you can see into another room, make sure the paint colours and styles flow.Matte or flat paint hides imperfections, but glossy reflects more light.Not all white is the same. 
  • Consider whites with hues of pink or yellow to make a room look warmer, and hues of blue for a breezier look.
  • After you've chosen a colour, ask the experts at the Bondi Junction or Sydney CBD store to mix up only a small amount (sample pot) for you. Paint a half meter square piece of wood. Allow it to dry completely (Wet paint looks different than dry). Prop it up against the wall and see how it looks morning, afternoon and evening, for a couple of days. If it's right, get more from the Bondi Junction or Sydney CBD Store. If not, try again with another small amount.
  • Paint the ceiling a light colour. The colour of the ceiling also casts a tint on the room, and may change the look of things if you go too wild. If you want the ceiling to match the walls, use a lighter shade of wall colour, or mix 75% white with 25% wall colour. Just be sure to use the same kind of paint (flat latex, for example).

Sunlite Hardware staff are available to give you complimentary colour advice anytime. They also have a computerised colour matching machine, so you can match a pre existing colour. 

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