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How to Paint your own mural

mural imageDo you want a rich look at minimal price? Need to add interest to a windowless area, or change the mood of a room? How about adding a mural?Custom artists in Sydney can be costly, but you can paint your own mural, even if you aren't artistic.

You'll need: paint, fine-tipped paint brushes, roller, painter's tape, overhead projector, copy of a picture that you like, pencil and level.  

Rent or borrow the overhead projector (type: rent overhead projector, Sydney, into search engine to find local renters). Everything else you need you can find at Sunlite Hardware, Sydney CBD's largest hardware store. 


  1. Choose a simple picture to reproduce. Make a copy on a transparency. If you can't do that yourself, seek out help from a copy shop.
  2. Tape off edges that you don't want to paint. Then tape a line across 31cm from the ceiling and 76cm from the floor. Adjust dimensions to your preference.
  3. Use the level to make sure your lines are straight.
  4. Use the roller to paint the background colour inside the tape. Paint outside tape a different colour. Allow to dry. If necessary, paint a second coat. Allow to dry again.
  5. Set up the overhead projector opposite the wall you are painting. Project the image onto the painted wall, getting closer or farther, depending on how big you want your picture.
  6. Trace the projected picture onto the wall with a pencil.
  7. Using a fine-tipped paint brush, paint the pencil lines. Use plenty of paint on the brush for the smoothest lines. Fill in with brushes and paint colours you like.
  8. Allow to dry completely, and remove the tape.

Create simple silhouettes, peaceful nature scenes, or whimsical fun with murals. If you need help, be sure to ask the experts at Sunlite Hardware -  the hardware store in Sydney. They'll help you find everything you need.

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