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How to Paint and Protect your Garage Floor

The garage is one area of your home that is likely to be used and abused, and regular maintenance is unlikely to occur. Because of this, it is important your garage floor is well protected. It needs to be able to withstand the everyday wear and tear it faces. Painting and protecting the garage floor is never an easy job. You need to make sure that you have all the materials needed, and you work in the best conditions possible. Be sure to seek advice from a paint specialist before starting this job. Your local hardware store, Sunlite Hardware in Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD have paint specialists on hand to answer all you questions. One of our core ranges is Paint, and we have free tinting and colour matching in all three of our stores. We love to give our customers the best advice so read this article on how to successfully Paint and protect your Garage Floor to ensure you get the best results.

A painting job inside the garage will need epoxy paint, a tough finish that will resist peeling and cracking. As this paint will produce a strong odour and harmful fumes, the area requires ample ventilation. Before starting the project, also make sure you are well protected from the fumes with a mask and eye protection. You will also need to wear gloves.

Before starting the job, make sure that the concrete floor is clean. Using a stiff bristle brush, remove all stains from the floor. Rinse the area with clean water. If there are any cracks in the concrete, you will need to repair these before painting. For smaller cracks and holes, use concrete mortar and repair compound. For larger ones, use a patching compound mixed with some of the epoxy, making a thick paste. The instructions for use of these products is on the label, follow them and you will be safe. Next is to check if you need to etch the surface. Etching is basically opening the pores of the concrete flooring. Sprinkle some water on the floor, if it is absorbed quickly, you do not need to etch. After this is done, you can apply the first coat of paint. Make sure that the paint is mixed well. Start off by applying a thin coating, and allow this to dry for a day before deciding if it merits another coat. Remember to use nylon brushes, and solvent and water resistant roller covers.

The paint you will be using is strong and resistant to all elements. This means that you will not have to repeat this job for years to come, so it is a good investment of your time and effort. It can be extremely handy when it comes to selling your property, to Paint and protect your Garage floor as it will add value. Come and visit your paint and customer service experts at Sunlite Hardware, Bondi Junction or Sydney CBD.

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