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How To Replace Bathroom Tile Grout

tile groutThe tiles in your bathroom are filled in with grout which helps to keep the mold out. Every few months it is important to clean the tiles and grout, and occasionally the grout will have to be replaced. There are a few simple steps involved in changing the sealants between your bathroom tiles.

Starting with a clean surface is important for any do-it-yourself work, and replacing your grout is no exception. Using a good facecloth to get the majority of the surface will do a quick job, then complete detail cleaning using an old toothbrush or small wire brush to clean out the cracks.  

The next step is both essential and very time-consuming. This consists of removing the grout completely from between the tiles and cleaning off all traces of the grout from the tiles. Doing this will give you a fresh canvas to start with, allowing effective attachment of the new grout. To complete this you may need a small chisel and hammer or a grout saw to chip out the majority of the grout, using whatever is most convenient for you.

Then use the wire brush to remove the remnants from the edges of the tiles. To complete the fresh canvas of clean tiles, use a damp sponge to wipe them all. Let them air dry. Now you're ready to re-grout your tiles.

Apply the grout evenly and be sure to fill in all the cracks. Smooth it over all of the tiles completely. Use the damp sponge to wipe the surface periodically to keep the tiles clean and ensure that the gaps between are filled perfectly. It will take a few days to dry, so avoid using the area until it has completely set.

Give your bathroom a fresh new look with a refreshing new grouting. This will not only keep your bathroom free of mold, but also keep the tiles from deteriorating by keeping the dampness of the shower and bath out of the cracks. A few simple steps can get you on your way to completing this project on your own. While it may be time consuming, it will also save you a good chunk of money and ensure that you get the look you want.

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