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Give your deck a new look!


We understand how frustrating it can be when it’s a boiling hot day and you want to spend the whole day out on your Balinese day bed but you can’t get to it, because the deck that it is sitting on it full of splinters and peeling stain after years drenched in the hot sun.

 Follow these steps on how to give your deck a brand new look. 

Step 1

Remove worn down paint or flaking deck stain with a paint scraper. Scrape down damaged areas down to bare wood. If there is still damage remaining use eighty grit sandpaper and work your way up the grades to achieve a smooth surface. It also helps if you can hire a sandblaster which makes you’re job a whole lot quicker.


Step 2

Use a stiff bristle brush to remove any remaining dirt. Don't use a metal-bristle brush on softwoods such as cedar or redwood as it could permanently damage the timber.

Step 3

Apply a deck-cleaning product to the timber deck. Work the cleaner into the wood with a stiff bristle brush and really get into and crevices or holes in you’re deck as it could affect the end colour. 

Step 4

 Wash the deck surfaces to remove the cleaning product and any other residue, using a high-pressure nozzle with a deck clean attachment. The extra pressure of this tool is a must to adequately clean the deck. Let the deck dry completely before completing the next step. Tip - whenever using High-pressure washers always use on a low setting when around timber.

Step 5

 Apply deck stain material with sheepskin pad on a broom handle. Stain can be applied with a roller and a brush for small decks. Come in and see the team in Sydney CBD or Bondi Junction for further advice before completing this step.

Step 6

 Use a brush or a roller to work the stain into end grain, seams, and gaps between boards. When appling any stain use this method called back-brushing. Back-brush all vertical surfaces to remove drips.

 Leave the deck to dry thoroughly before standing or walking on it. Keep small children and pets away until dry. There you have it. A new deck!



Sunlite Hardware Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD offer complete personalized customer service. They stock thousands of products and offer delivery. Hey, they also offer free colour matching so go in and choose that paint you need for the living room. With three convenient locations around Sydney, why wouldn’t you?


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