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Dos and Don't of using Power Tools

power toolsSo, you finally got that nice assortment of power tools that you've been wanting, from our Sydney CBD or Bondi Junction store. Great! Follow these dos and don'ts to use and maintain your new power tools.

DO read manufacturer's instructions for each power tool.

DO check power cord before each use. If frayed or split, have replaced before using.

DO charge batteries fully prior to use.

DO keep conductive metals, like aluminum foil, steel wool, and metal shavings away from charger when it's plugged in.

DO wear protective gear. Safety goggles are a must for every project. Depending on the job, you may also need ear plugs and a dust mask. You can get protective gear at the Bondi Junction store.

DO blow out power tools with air from a compressor, or with canned air, after every use, to keep them in best working order. Debris can clog, damage, and prevent your power tool from functioning properly.

DO wipe dust and residue off your power tools after use. If your power tool gets very dirty, use a little cleaning solution, available from the Bondi Junction store, then dry thoroughly.

DO NOT under-oil or over-oil pneumatic or air tools, such as nail guns. Under-oiling causes wear, and over-oiling gunks up the insides. One drop before use, or per 3000 shots should keep it running smoothly.

DO NOT use extension cords to plug in battery chargers. Plug into a wall outlet.

DO NOT leave power tools in the weather. Store in a clean, dry place.

DO NOT allow children to use power tools without complete supervision.

DO NOT use a power tool in a way that it was not intended. If you don't see what you need in the Bondi Junction store, ask them to order it for you, so you get the right tool to do the job safely and quickly.

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