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Help us support Cystic Fibrosis

One of our team members family is affected by this recessive genetic condition. As part of giving back to the community Sunlite Hardware are choosing to really support and get behind Cystic Fibrosis NSW.

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is Australia's most common recessive genetic condition occurring in one in 2,500 births yet many people have either never heard of it or do not know what the condition really is. Here are some little known facts:

In Australia, a child is born with Cystic Fibrosis every four days and one in 25 people are genetic carriers.Parents of children with Cystic fibrosis live with the reality that their child may die before they do.There is no cure, however research has led to greatly improved treatments, with life expectancy now in the mid to late 30's. Sadly, there are still some who don't reach this age.People with CF, even very young children, require vigorous daily physiotherapy to keep their lungs clear and take up to 40 tablets a day to replace digestive enzymes.CF is just as deadly as heart disease or cancer and has a devastating impact on the young people it affects and their families. There are no outward signs of the condition but in CF, normal mucus changes to a thick sticky substance which affects the lungs, blocking tiny air passages and the pancreas, which secretes the enzymes necessary for digestion.Cystic Fibrosis NSW runs a number of support programs for children and adults living with CF and their carers. Information and educational resources are also provided and funds are raised for the essential medical and scientific research needed to provide new treatments and prolong life.

We are conducting a charity fundraiser in each of our three stores. Our suppliers have very generously donated over $2000 worth of great tools and hardware in each of our three stores and we are selling raffle tickets for the next 10 weeks with the goal to raise $10,000. Tickets pricing is as follows:

$2 = 1 x Ticket

$5 =  3 x Ticket

$10 = 6 x Ticket

If you would like to buy some raffle tickets and support this cause, please come into any of our stores today! Please help us support Cystic Fibrosis.

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