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Creating mood with light

When most people think about mood lighting, they think about lighting up a candle for a night of romance. But the lighting experts at Sunlite Hardware Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD stores know there's more to it than that. With a variety of light bulbs and lighting options to choose from, you may be tempted to grab the first one you see. Don't. Instead, consider the mood you wish to create in each room of your home. Study the room in natural light at different times of the day and evening. Play around with the lamps that you have, moving them to different areas of the room, and trying different wattages and colors of light bulbs. When you have a good idea of what you have, and the mood you want to create, head to the Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD Hardware stores, where you will find a wide range of lighting options and light bulbs.

Some home decorators recommend central lights in the ceiling to create diffused light in living and dining areas, soft lights for offices to reduce glare on the computer screen, sconces around mirrors to allow use without creating a reflective glare, and low-wattage light bulbs for bedroom lamps to create a relaxing atmosphere. You can find all that you need to create the perfect mood for any room at the Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD stores.

A new trend in mood lighting uses a pair of down lights in the ceiling, just above a couch or bed. If using a low-wattage light bulb, the soft illumination accents and creates gentle shadows; but if the light bulbs are too bright, the look will be stark, clinical, and unflattering.

Take your time, and browse around the Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD stores, to become familiar with all of the options available. Then ask the experts. They'll help you choose the exact right lighting and light bulbs for your every mood.

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