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Cost effective, energy saving and longer lasting. LED Downlights are the way to go!

LED lighting is the future of Australia's lighting industry. The cost of replacement incandescent bulbs and the labour expense may not seem like much but compared to an LED lightbulb, the LED lightbulb exceeds by far in cost effectiveness, energy efficiency and life expectancy. 

LED lighting around the home creates a nice ambience while reducing power consumption. For example, the Mirabella GU10 6W LED Downlight is a complete clone of a regular GU10 halogen bulb but designed using the latest LED technology, which can be saving you up to 80% energy consumption in comparison. This globe will also last up to 7.5 times longer than a standard halogen GU10 globe. 

LED lighting is also great for office buildings, hotels and retail outlets becuase most LED bulbs will last up to 15 years meaning that the budget can be spent elsewhere rather than paying out enormous amounts to have a lightbulb changed in a high ceiling. 

Mirabella LED Downlight globe 

  • 6W LED = 30W Halogen.
  • 38D beam of light.
  • Warm white (3000K)
  • Mercury free.
  • Saves up to 80% energy in comparison to a standard halogen GU10 down light globe.
  • Globe is not suitable for dimmers, electronic switches or remote controls.
  • Can be retro-fitted to existing GU10 halogen or compact fluorescent light fittings.

The new LED GU10 6W down light globe provides consumers with an exciting new innovation in LED lighting and an energy efficient 240V down light globe option suitable for domestic light fittings that may require a GU10 globe. It has an expected life of 15 years based on a usage of 5.5 hours per day which also provides more convenience not having to change globe as often as a halogen equivalent. Globe can simply retro fit an existing halogen GU10 globe or even a compact fluorescent GU10 lamp providing a warm white light (260 lumens) suitable for areas requiring a softer mood. Globe provides light to a radius of 38 degrees and should only be used for non dimmable light fittings. LED globes are mercury free unlike compact fluorescent lamps which will provide extra relief when considering products for use in homes or businesses.

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