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Camping Safety Tips

Ready for a camping vacation? You can find all the gear you need at city hardware stores in Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction. To keep your family safe, follow these guidelines.


Tell someone where you'll be and when you plan to return. Talk about safety rules and emergency situations with your children. Tell them if they get lost, to stay put. It's easier to find a child who isn't moving about.

Pick up camping gear at city hardware stores. Be sure to pack:

Plenty of extra water, and food for emergencies. First aid kit. Make sure it's stocked and ready.  Proper clothing: Long pants and boots for walking in the bush or tall grass. Hat and sunscreen for the beach.Mosquito netting and insect repellent, both available from city hardware stores.Steel pegs and hammer, if you're camping in a tent.


In the outback, drive with lights on low beam. If you should have car trouble, stay with your vehicle until help arrives.


Observe safety rules.

Pick a meeting spot, in case you get separated.Look for crocodile warning signs, for submerged rocks, or tree limbs before jumping into the water.Plan to return to your campsite before dark. Set your mobile or watch alarm to remind you before sunset.Observe fire regulations.Keep food in a closed cooler or in your car. You can pick up a nice cooler at city hardware stores to keep possoms and brush turkeys out of your food. Don't leave BBQs unattended, or the kookaburras will snatch food right off the hotplate.Don't feed or touch wildlife. In the unlikely event you get bitten by a poisonous reptile or spider, tie a tight bandage around the affected limb, and call for help on your mobile.

Sunlite Hardware, the largest Hardware store in the city of Sydney and Bondi Junction wishes you a safe and enjoyable vacation.

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