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cordless power toolsOnce you go cordless, you never want to go back. Cordless power tools are so convenient. You can use them anywhere. They're lightweight, and easy to store. And lessening the electrocution risk alone makes cordless power tools very attractive. Yes, there are times when only a corded tool will do, but for the home handyman in Sydney and Bondi Junction, there's nothing quite like cordless. After you pick up your new cordless tools from the hardware store in Sydney, keep the following tips in mind to keep them working well for years to come.

  • Don't run them all the way down. As soon as you notice a loss in power, it's time to switch the batteries or turn off the cordless power tool to recharge. 
  • If you allow the tool to run all the way down, you can reverse the polarity of some of the cells in the battery, and make that part of the battery unusable. Essentially, that will make the battery a lower voltage over time. Let the battery cool before recharging. Leave the battery in the charger for 6-8 hours once a week, to ensure all of the battery's cells charge up to full capacity, giving a better performance to your cordless power tools. 
  • Avoid using cordless power tools in extreme temperature conditions. Shade tools from direct sunlight on those hot January days in Sydney and Bondi Junction. 
  • Protect cordless power tools from dust, which can cause overheating. Wipe with a cloth when finished using your cordless power tools, and blow out with compressed air from time to time. 
  • Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) batteries in some cordless power tools lose their charge when not in use, so charge them just before using. You can find a range of cordless power tools, from drills to dremels at Sunlite Hardware store in Sydney and Bondi Junction. Let the knowledgeable staff at the Sydney and Bondi Junction store's help you make your selection. 

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