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Be prepared: How to protect surfaces from spillages when renovating

If you have decided to take on a DIY painting project there are several areas to consider in order to get that professional painters look. Whilst the feel of a home can start with the colour choice, many people focus purely on this, instead, take the time to consider preparing the surface, acquire good quality tools, and focus on the correct application of the paint. DIY painting can be a very enjoyable, satisfying way to cut the costs of upgrading and improving your home.

To avoid your own personal horror story, due to using the wrong mix of paint and paint spillage, prepare properly for the job, and work carefully. Any problem can be prevented and addressed easy if you are well prepared:

  • Remove all furniture – this may seem like added work, but is the only way to ensure you protect your furniture from paint spillage.
  • Protect flooring – Use plastic protection sheets to cover any carpet or flooring.
  • Use painters tape (not masking tape as when removed it may take the paint with it) to tape over edges of items that you don't want to paint such as power outlets and skirting boards.
  • Have buckets, soap, water and sponges on hand, so that if any spillages occur they can be cleaned promptly.

Not only should you prepare your home and walls, but also yourself. Spraying exposed skin with cooking spray will ensure spilled paint will instantly fall off your skin. You can count on this easy trick when it comes to latex and oil-based paints. You should also wear safety goggles, gloves and older clothing in order to protect your body. Most paints used these days are not toxic, but it is still a good idea to wear a mask to protect yourself from paint and primer fumes.

Taking on a DIY painting job can be tiresome and frustrating, but if you and your home are well prepared, it is one of the easiest and most rewarding home improvement tasks you can undertake.

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