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5 ways to lesson your environmental impact

Is your home harming your world? As leading manufacturers in Australia remove hazardous chemicals from their products, hardware stores in Sydney replace their stock with environmentally friendly options. New electrical and water products must now carry energy rating labels. Sydney leads the way in green technology; but consumers still need to read labels, and act responsibly. Do your part to protect the environment.

1. CHOOSE NON-CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS. Hardware stores in Sydney carry pest control chemicals, but not everything in the store is good for the planet. They also carry fly strips and mosquito netting. Use tight-fitting cabinets and hardware to cut the empty space where pests can gather. Steam clean carpets with water. Ditch “air fresheners” and scented products, and replace with living plants, which are the best air purifiers. Check out for ideas.

2. BUY ORGANIC. There's no clear labeling rules on products sold as “organic” in hardware stores, so make sure it's certified by the Organic Federation of Australia.

3. CHOOSE LOW IMPACT PAINTS. The Australian Ecolabeling Association recommends interior paint contain less than 20g/L of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), after tints are added.

4. RECYCLE E-WASTE. Keep your old hairdryer, mobile phone, and computer out of landfills by recycling. The City of Sydney holds quarterly e-waste recycling days. Residents of Sydney can drop off e-waste for free. If you don't live in Sydney, call the Recycling Near You hotline at 1300-733-712 or visit to find a drop-off near you.

5. PLANT A RAIN GARDEN Rain gardens look like traditional gardens, but the sides are built up to direct rainwater away from storm water drains, and into the garden. Use plants native to Sydney, and their roots will easily absorb water and pollutants, and act as a natural filter.

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